Probably many of you played fps games on your Android, iOS or Windows Phone smartphone or tablet. One of them is better and the other is worse and after the first mission you uninstall it. If you are looking for a really great fps game, you should try Sniper Fury, if you have not done it yet. Of course, like every game and this one also has weaknesses. Certainly most players will complain about micropayments. Sadly, many games are free nowadays, but to achieve something more and for example to develop a character you have to pay real money because cash earned during the game is not enough for that. A great solution of the problem of insufficient quantities of gold, rubies and cash might be Sniper Fury hack that will add them.

Sniper Fury review and some tips

If you have not started playing yet, it is a good idea to read a few words about this game and some tips that may make it easier for you to play. As for the plot, Sniper Fury does not differ much from other games of this type. You start the game from the standard fill form where you give your age, username, choose character etc. Then there will be a short tutorial that explains the basic rules of the game. Once you go through the tutorial, you start a normal playing. Initially your equipment is very modest, and the first missions are quite easy but over time it will change and will be getting harder and harder. If you are afraid you can not handle it, do not worry about it because you are here to find out some useful tricks and cheats that will make it easier for you to play.

You may already know the story of Sniper Fury, but if not, read this text to understand more or less what’s going on. As in most games of this type, you play as a sharpshooter who performs missions commissioned by the boss. The action of the game is in the near future. In a world dominated by various conflicts, bosses often get rid of their enemies by eliminating them. Of course, the battle has changed a bit, and in those days, the enemy is quietly eliminated to avoid scandal and consequences. For these tasks are employed professionals, snipers who can hit even a small target from a very large distance. There are more than 130 missions ahead of you, so you definitely will not be bored.

You already know the general outline of the plot so now some details. After completing the mission, you will receive a payment that you can spend on character development, rifle and equipment purchases. Unfortunately, often money earned during the game is not enough for satisfactory shopping. Very useful are Sniper Fury cheats which will help you gain additional resources. There are three main means of payment, gold, cash and rubies. The latter are especially needed because they allow you to recharge the energy that is needed to play. The energy can be used very fast, but its charge lasts a long time and rubies allow you to recharge immediately. Unfortunately, you can not count on free rubies, but you can buy them in the game store or use some Sniper Fury mod apk, generator, codes or other cheat tools that makes it possible to get them.

If you would like to buy a weapon or upgrade it, you should have a lot of cash or gold. As mentioned above, for a correctly executed mission, the player receives money but usually the amount is insufficient for most of things. Sniper Fury hack tool (like mod apk or even online generator) may be also helpful here, because some of them offer free gold or cash. Of course, gold and cash can also be bought at the game shop, but many players choose to use hacks because some items cost a lot and they want to save money. Some claim that creator of the game has overdone micropayments that simply discourage the game because to enjoy playing, you need to spend a lot of your money. To see how it is, you have to try it yourself.

Maybe some of you have played Sniper Fury, and if not, you can watch how this game looks on YouTube or look at the screenshots above. Gameloft has shown that it is possible to make a really good looking mobile game. With the rest, their other titles are also very well presented, and here other creators could take an example of them. Control is rather straightforward and anyone who has ever played in this type of game should be able to handle it. It is worth mentioning that Sniper Fury has been released on several platforms such as Android, iOS and even Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1) so almost everyone can play.

Sniper Fury Download:

Sniper Fury cheats and tips

Sniper Fury offers different types of missions such as:

  • Story Missions: They are quite expensive and require constant upgrades of weapons, but allow you to make a lot of cash.
  • Sniper/Assault Missions: They allow you to get the money to buy/upgrade weapons. These missions usually do not require upgrading weapons. Missions are performed in stages.
  • Contract Missions: These are a variety of missions where you can lose some cash. You should rather avoid these missions.
  • Base Attack Missions: A good way to get some gold that can be used to upgrade weapons. This is a multiplayer mode where you can attack other players base and collect their resources, including gold.

A few useful tips and tricks

  1. Play every day: Sniper Fury has daily reward system that allows you to get a lot of interesting gadgets and even gold. So try to run the game at least once a day to get prizes.
  2. Upgrade your base: Soldiers in your base are not only to defended, they also generate gold. So by upgrading soldiers you can save real money. Remember that your soldier’s level is higher then he generates more gold.
  3. Earn more gold: Gold is very important in this game, so try to get it as much as possible. There are different ways to get gold. Some of them have already been described above, such as upgrading soldiers (they generate gold), daily rewards, hacks or attacking the enemy base.
  4. Headshots are not so important: Headshot looks great and brings extra bonuses, but it’s not always worth focusing on it, especially in more difficult missions. It’s better to complete mission than to focus on headshots.

How to get extra resources? (Sniper Fury hack and other methods)

Probably some of you will ask: how to get gold, cash or rubies? Of course, the easiest way is to buy them in the game store, but not everyone wants to spend money or just do not have enough money and can not buy anything. Now you will discover some alternative ways to earn gold, cash and rubies. Probably the easiest way is to use Sniper Fury hack tool, but it is hard to find something working, especially since the game is constantly being developed and any bugs are regularly patched. You can also earn some money by completing missions. Upon completion of the mission you will receive cash, and sometimes also gold and even rubies. This is much slower way than any Sniper Fury cheats, and not everyone will have so much patience.

Sniper Fury hack, cheats, tips and tricks

Receiving daily rewards can bring you a lot of gold and other things, so it is worth doing. Just run Sniper Fury and receive rewards. It is also worth to continually upgrade their base and soldiers because they generate gold. Higher level = more gold. As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to get cash, gold or rubies is Sniper Fury hack. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find a still functioning tool because the bugs that allow you to generate additional resources are constantly being repaired. There are many types of Sniper Fury cheats such as online generators, mod apk, or other apps that work directly on your smartphone or tablet. Before using any of these tools, check whether your operating system is supported at all. It is also useful to check that these apps require jailbreak or root, because if so, you may need to modify your smartphone or tablet.

After reading this article Sniper Fury should be much easier for you. However, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write a comment.

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  1. I have gone to my base and upgraded my soldiers. I still can’t get any more gold. I am stuck at only having 1500 at any time. I have won battles where the gold reward is in the thousands and also in the tens of thousands but I do not get any of those if I am at 1500. I see nothing at my base that would upgrade my base. I am frustrated and ready to quit Sniper Fury. I have no chance at defeating anyone. I am playing on a PC. Can anyone help me?? Thanks, Frank

    • I am at 4000 and have the same problem, by the grace of god i got this far cause i dont even know what i am doing most of the time so i participate in every sniper shoot available , every day until me energy runs out,, and even collect my freebees, and cant seem to get ahead, I joined a clan, have no idea who the other player is, I invest into it daily and go to war etc. never to have one a battle??? Im not considered stupid as a rule, but on this game im forest gump sleeping …. anybody help the slow guy nhere???? thanx Mark D

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